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singing to chords
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singing to chords

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sorry if this is a repeated question. how to i sing to chords or rather pitching? what about do re mi fa sol la ti do? what does that do? when i sing, i cant really hit the pitch or tunes or key or whatever. what can i do? thanking in advance.

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You don't sing to chords you sing notes or pitches. Do Re Mi is called Solfege (also see Sol-fa training). It's a way of assigning sylables to pitches of the Diatonic scale. It's used in voice and pitch training for singers among other things. I use it to train my ear and voice and to warm up. You can use a keyboard or your guitar to play the notes of the scale and sing solfege along with it. It's pretty remarkable how the brain can here a note and then learn to repeat it.

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A professional technique is to play a chord on the piano and sing the notes individually, eg you play a C chord and sing either C E or G as a vocal pitch. to learn to sing a note in a chord other than the root is hard. very good pitch practice though, if you play a C major, sing E pitch, then take the C and G notes away leaving you just playing an E on the piano, see how your vocal pitch compares. be warned it is hard and depressing at first :P