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Singing when sick
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Singing when sick

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I have fallen into the role of THE singer in our 3-piece rockabilly group. It's been tough enough getting through 3 sets from 10-2 firing on all cylinders. But what happens when the guy who won't call in sick from work passes that nasty bug to me? POinters, technique, and ideas greatly welcome!

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If you are sick all over, there isn't much you can do.

If you lose your voice,or the better part of it (like me - maybe permanent?) just choose the songs that you can sing in the range where you are still at. :shock: (I write new ones).

So, plan ahead, and practice those which offer less strain. You will be able to feel it. Make your set list and use that as a rainy day scenario, or when you have a sore voice. 8)

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Try Ayr, theraflu, drink lots of cool water and a neti pot. That works for me, although you have a narrow window before it all comes back.

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Good advice so far.

I haven't tried this myself, but some singers swear by a gargle of apple cider vinegar and honey and water. There are various recipes for the brew, some adding cayenne pepper or other ingredients. You can find different versions on-line.