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Tenor or Baritone
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Tenor or Baritone

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I you would technically classify my voice as Baritone but I have no trouble and feel quite comfortable singing in the Tenor range even some music such as RUSH or queen I can pull off without a huge amount of difficulty, so am I Low Tenor then ? It also sounds fine according to my friends.

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How high above middle C can you get? Tenors range is one octave below middle C to the A above middle C. On solo work Tenors can get as high as high C. Most men are Baritones. Think James Taylor, he's a Baritone.

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it's very possible for a baritone to extend his range into Tenor territory with practice. i'm not too sure, but i think your vocal type tells you more about where your most comfortable range is, rather than the extremes of your range. i've heard if a baritone and tenor tried singing the same note, perhaps an A above middle C, the tenor will have a much brighter sound than the baritone.

i'm guessing that's 'cause that same note would be a lot closer to a tenor's chest voice range than a baritone's (head voice generally have a lighter quality to it).

i mean, i know i'm a baritone, and i even have a low speaking voice, but i can sing the A above middle C no problem -- though it sounds nothing like the A4 my Tenor friend sings. :lol: perhaps it's somewhat the same for you?

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If you can sing "Bohemian Rhapsody" without difficulty, I'd instinctively say that you're a tenor. That song was kind of made for a tenor....Most Queen songs are full on tenor songs.