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Would you go this far in your audition?

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Hi tharr everyone! :D

I auditioned for MBC's Star Audition 2010;
In it I showed my crazy fierce side - do you think it's too much?

The video can be seen here:

I am new to the whole 'singing' thing and have never tried it; so this is how far I went for my audition~

I auditioned and sang an auto-tuned song (bad choice..) and a ballad (near the end).

I was thinking a Singing forum would be best to get some constructive criticism on my vocals and to get some feedback on how and where I can improve !

Please please give me some feedback through posting here or commenting on my video!!

Thank you all for your time. <3

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I can't see it.

It's posted as "private," on Youtube...?

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Ditto that, it seems private. :(

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