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Anyone familiar with this book?

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Hello folks,

Has anyone used the "Complete Country Blues Guitar Book/ CD set" by Stefan Grossman (I think that's the correct name)

I came across it while searching for Rory Block's instructional DVD's on It looks pretty good and has a few positive comments on Amazon. I was hoping that a few of you guys might know alittle more about this book and could tell me how advanced it might be. I'm an extended beginner (my term) who can handle some fingerpicking (Blackbird, Landslide, a few more), but I still have alot to learn. I very much would like to get somewhat proficient with acoustic Blues and was hoping to see if this would be within my range without stretching too far. I guess I really would like to hear some opinions on this books from anyone who has spent some time with it.



Here is the link:

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i can't comment on that set, I haven't seen it. I do like the DVD set (I don't have the book) from Bob Brozman on slide blues.

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