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Drop C

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Hi all,

One of my favorite bands, Cradle of Filth, plays a lot of songs in drop C. All my guitars have standard, from the factory string set-ups. These guitars being a PRS Paul Allender SE, Gibson Les Paul Studio, Gibson flying V and a BC Rich Warlock. My question is, can I use one of these guitars for drop C without ruining the nut due to bigger string gauges? Or should I just buy a Baritone or 7 string guitar? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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I'm fairly sure that the PRS will take bigger guages no problems, which could cause a few hitches in the other examples.

My PRS's seem to have ample space, or room to spare. Oh, and Paul uses .88 tortex picks made for him, that's neat. 8)

And the PRS SE sig model with Dragon Pickups (AWESOME!!!) would probably have the right vibe and sound fat neck too, eh? :lol:

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Andy, it'd help if you told us what gauge strings are on your guitar(s) now - if they're sporting 9's or 10's, shouldn't be too much trouble to go to 11's or 12's. There's usually a bit of room in the nut slots - what gauge are you thinking of moving up to?

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"Sawing" the larger strings back and forth in the nut slots will quickly loosen them up if they're a bit tight.

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