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How to improv playing slide, basic question

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I think you are being a little hard on yourself. Sounds pretty good for just starting out. You are getting better tone control than I am (trust me, that's not much of a compliment). Keep at it.

Thanks for the encouragement Iraesq

Can anyone see anything visibly wrong with my technique? What about my thumb? I've been unsure about that.

I've started playing a half decent version of Clapton's It Hurt's Me Too, which is a lot of fun for me.

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Lookit, there's two main styles for playing slide. Phalangeux has covered how to play damped, but it doesn't matter what tuning you use playing damped. If you let everything RING, then you are in the open tuning tradition. Working open, the main thought is to give a harmonic answer - and the general answer is that moving UP the fingerboard is more likely to give a a more harmonically pleasing result than moving down, which is the instinctive direction.

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