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My cheapo Strat-o-Slider

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LOL, on the 'lukefisk' Dogbite!
I used to live right in your neighborhood, btw, for about 8 years and I think I recognize you from your photo. Hoping to get back to that beautiful city someday and when I do I'll remember to check up on ol' dogbite 8)

I heard alot of stories about luttefisk but fortunately I never ran into any.

Maybe it's like hot peppers in Mexico and you just have to get used to them


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wow...that pic is certainly a good example of playing with "feeling". LOL

"I use heavy strings, tune low, play hard and floor it. Floor it, that's a technical term." - SRV

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Posts: 6348 lived in Minneapolis and recognize me....ohoh. (visit some time). after all this time, what is your opinion now?

also, I really enjoyed this thread.

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