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Need help in workin...
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Need help in working out new Thom Yorke song...

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Hi there!

Im new here and well, for my first post I'd love it if any of you guys could help... I'd rate myself as an average guitarist - been playing for 5 years and Im self taught. I love my weird tunings (faves are BEBEBE and CGCFCE).. Anyhow..

Thom Yorke has a new solo album out now and one of the song on this is called 'The Clock' - here is a link to a video of him playing it on acoustic:

I have kind of worked out the tuning and a way of playing it 75% correctly - but I think I could be slightly wrong.

So far I have the tuning down as EBDGBe - and looking at his fret-hand Im playing it in the right area. Any one fancy adding info?