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New Member - My Resonators

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G'day, Mark here from Downunder. I play a lot of slide on my Resonators, mostly in open G but I'm open to other tunings.
Here are my Resos.

The Recording King Tricone.

.....and the "Rat Rod"

I look forward to interactions with other slide players.

Goodonya ...Mark

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Welcome. One of my summer projects (winter for you) is refurbing and old dobro. My drummer jokes that every time I bring a song in a say "then here I'll do a little slide action." I look forward to picking your brain.

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Welcome!! I love that tricone!!!!

Ive been playing just my reso for the last few months!!

Paul B

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sweet resos mate. I have a lap style National.
just saw Jerry Douglas on a TV program. he was running some stomp boxes. sounded cool.

Rat Dog reso has lots of mojo.

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If I go blind guide me. If I go deaf shoot me

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That's so awesome! I'm nervous about putting any stickers on my guitar, but I guess an eight-year old guitar with quite a few dents wouldn't really go for so much anymore. Hell, I'm gonna go for it.