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What size of slide do you use?

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I've got three of them. I have a small glass,a medium brass slide,and a full size glass slide.I like them all,and they all have their place.The small one is good for when I play with chords,the full size is great when I just want to slide.I haven't got to mess around or see if there is any different sizes to mess around with. Does anyone just play with just one size,or is it just me?

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Hi :D

I prefer to use a 2" glazed ceramic slide.
It suits my cleaner playing style better and, as you said.... allows more control (ie chords and riffs and such).

I also have a 2 3/4" glazed ceramic slide. That's what I started on.


I'm sorry - they're glazed CLAY.
I'm still a bit out of it today.

LOL - AND, they are 2" and 2 3/4" long. (I originally had 1" )
11/16 I.D.
Wow - I knew I shoulda just stayed off line today. (Was a bit overworked this week)
I just missed it here that much :D

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for bottle neck I have a glass Dunlop. pretty standard that.
for lap steel I also use a Dunlop. 8oz chrome bullet. I think 3/4 dia.

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I've got three - glass, brass and chrome. They're all on the pic below....

These days, I find myself reaching for the glass one most often - hardly ever touch the others. I don't know why, except it's larger than the other two, and not as heavy. Seems to work well on acoustic and electric, I suppose it's just a case of getting used to one style and not chopping and changing, and my ears aren't sufficiently well trained to tell any subtle differences in tone between them all.

:D :D :D


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Im using 2 inch x 3/4 " Id like it just a little tighter...but it works pretty good now.


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I've got a bunch of different sizes and materials. They work for different styles, heavy or light strings, etc.

Got one made (of brass) last year that's double ended with inner bores to fit my pinky or middle finger. Just flip it. My friend who made it and I talked about making the things, but the slide market's probably pretty saturated, and someone recently has been posting about the same idea on another board, so I think I can talk about it.

Check out Craftsman deep sockets. They make a size for every finger, SAE or metric, 6 point or 12. Try 'em on in the Sears store's tool section.

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