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Where to buy stuff for your lap steel?

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I got a lap steel Christmas 2012, but have used it very little. The problem was I had it in my lap(!) which makes everything much harder than it needs to be. So yesterday I tried putting it on my keyboard stand and playing standing up instead and what a difference! Now I can't stop playing, it's so much fun just jamming along to some backing tracks.

But the keyboard stand is only a temporarily solution, it's not very stable. So if anyone knows where to get a stand for lap steel that would be much appreciated. Because it's not a very popular instrument here in Sweden I given up finding one in a local store, but if someone knows a reliable website that has them with international shipping that would be great.

Also, I'm thinking about changing the pickup in it being very cheap electronics. So where would I be able to find a P90 pickup for lap steel string spacing? (Must also ship to Sweden of course).

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