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#8 week 28 titles

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Emptied Your Heart

Die of Love

Picture This

Inside Out

Where Do We Run

Reshape My Heart

I Write For You No More

All I Can't Say

Why Cant That Be Me

Im The BRoken One

This Heart To You

This Letter To You

The Final Option

Waiting On A Dream

And Then It Breathes

Beautiful Hurt

The World Inside

How He Did Love Her

God Can I Borrow My Mommy?

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"picture this" and "All I Can't Say" are my favorite off of this list.

:) Portia

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God Can I Borrow My Mommy?

Now there's a country tear jerker if I ever heard one.

Nice list ,Lots of possibility although Wasted Words has already been used by the Allman Brothers.


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In Too Deep is my favourite. There all pretty good really.

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hi. good list. I like "reshape my heart" and "and then it breathes" most.


p.s. I hate to say this, but 'in too deep' has also been used already(sum41)

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I can hear Reshape my Heart as a Gospel song (might not be what you had in mind at all, of course), and All I Can't Say is pregnant with possibility as well.

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