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A melody I'm workin...
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A melody I'm working on.. wanna help out?

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Fairly new to playing guitar, maybe six months in so practicing changes smoothly and quickly has been a common theme for me lately.
I came across a series of changes that i think sound pretty good,
However with my limited knowledge and experience i cant quite figure out where to go next.

Care to give it a play and perhaps toss out some ideas?
Might be fun to get your own creative twist on things

goes like this...

C- D- Dsus- C9- Am :note1:
D- Dsus- C9- Em :note2:

practice routine i generally repeat these changes, trying different strum patterns, tho single strum feels best, toss a G in or sumthin ha
but haven't found where to go from here

Any suggestions or ideas?

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You might get some comments if you post in the Songwriters Club instead of this forum. But, really, you might want to add some information when you post there. Timing? Style? An idea of the lyrics?