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Comments on Week 48
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Comments on Week 48

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Hi All,

Wow! What a great week. By my count 17 songs 4 new submitters(Welcome All) and enough time to read and comment on all. I know I'm a new comer here myself but this week seemed unusally active. Everybody's songs were excellent and alot of good give and take.

Hope everybody enjoyed it as much as I did. Thank you All for your comments on my work. And for the pleasure of reading and commenting on your's

Looking forward to seeing what Bob has in store for us next.


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i have to second your comments celt. this did seem like an unusual week. i also wanted to mention not only did a lot of people submit songs but the variety in them seemed greater than other weeks. no two songs sounded even remotely similar. it is amazing that with having the most contraints comes the greatest variety in song writting.

i wonder what is going to happen next week.


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I wrote a couple of days ago..........

Dunno what everyone else thinks, but I reckon this was one of the best assignments I've seen for a while....and what's amazed me is the very high standard of the songs, and the fact that no two songs are even vaguely similar.........I for one had to work really hard at this, but I really enjoyed it!!!!

I think the harder the assignment, the tougher the challenge........and like anything else in life, the more you put in the more you get out........!!!

Anyway where and when is the "Week 48 Wrap"party?

:D :D :D


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This is a good thing(sorry Martha), I needed a good kick in the rump to get going and improve my writing skills :D :D This was my second week and i feel i have learned a lot here and will continue to do so :D :D
speaking of Martha Stewart, Prison might be a good topic for us some time in the future 8) 8)

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There were a lot of cool submissions this week. I was away from the net for a while and when I checked out this forum, there were suddenly all these songs to check out. Guess the party theme inspired a lot of people.