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SSG 4 - Week 5 - P ...
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SSG 4 - Week 5 - P Allen

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Hello there. The quote I chose was from a film that was on tv on Sunday. I don't know what the film was but I thought it was a great line.

"They look like good, strong hands, don't they?"

It was said by a giant stone-like creature that was at his end - his hands couldn't hold on to the things he loved anymore no matter how good or strong his hand may appear to be.

Here is my lyric. I might call it Strong Hands.

They look like strong hands to the weak
I look so mighty to the meek
But that's just their eyes
Telling lies about me
Where should i begin

The world seems endless to the small
Not yet have I dared crawl
But that's only fear
Now it's near to me
How can I go on

I remember once when I was strong
And at my core I feared no wrong
I remember when dreams would come to pass
And now it seems that nothing ever lasts
Not for long

Now that dreams turn to regret
I'll take whatever I can get
I feel that the end
Is now a friend to me
Not much left to do

They look so good
They look so strong
Like something from a story
That was told so long ago

The kind of hands that last forever
The ones that toil until the end
But I knew they'd never last
Now I have to go away


Your comments and opinions much appreciated.

Pete. :)

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This isn't the only line I like. You've got several, but this was my favorite.

"The world seems endless to the small"

I don't know what kind of music you have, but I was automatically singing it in my head while reading. I'm not sure about the last line about having to go away, though. Oh, I just got it, but I still don't like the "go away" line. Maybe just "go?"