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SSG - Week 35: Fade...
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SSG - Week 35: Faded Maps and Tourist Traps

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I'm back! Hello all. Don't know who if anybody remembers me, but I used to post on this board a lot a while back. I've decided to get back into the game with a SSG entry. Good to see the place is still going strong here. This is actually a song I've been on and off on for a little while, but I thought it fit with this weeks theme. It's pretty basic still.

Faded Maps and Tourist Traps
by Ben Maniquis

At the end of the
lonely road that
I have crawled on
for so long now.

There's a signpost,
and the blacktop.
Asking if I'm
going my way.

(Or just pretending.)

From this height,
I see painted deserts
and portraits of my life.

If I tried,
turned and looked back I could
see back in time to me.

All those times
"would have, should have, could have"
and always will regret.

But I won't.
Because it's a nervous open road
leading everywhere I want to go.

On the third night
under starlight,
thought that I'd
be second guessing.

Doubted wrong
this air is clean here
and there's no sign
of dead endings.

(Now I know I'm not pretending.)

This time I'm the one with a full tank
and I might not drive to you.
This is not a trip down a memory lane.
I've been there, done that too.
Thank you for the times and I think it's time
For moving on and driving past
And remembering without looking back.

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Hi Ben

And welcome back. There are some sharp images here and also some nice wordplay, such as the "painted desert" juxtaposed with "portrait" in the chorus. I especially like the end of this stanza:
Doubted wrong
this air is clean here
and there's no sign
of dead endings.

If there's anything I'd add is that the title hooked me in. It's witty, direct and a great image and I was a little disappointed to not find it in the lyric, either directly or in passing. But I think that's just me...

What sort of music are you thinking of using?

Looking forward to (hopefully) reading more of your material in the weeks to come.


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Thanks for the input. The funny part about the title is that it's the first line I wrote to start off. Then I took it out and intended to put it back in somewhere toward the end but just haven't got around to it yet.

The music I've been throwing around to go with this I guess would be a moderate paced rock song with a lightly distorted twangy guitar tone. I read this weeks prompt right after seeing the movie "Cars" and they had a John Mayer version of the Route 66 song and also "Life is a Highway" (Rascal Flatts?) and both those songs were running through my head all week...

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This is a nice song , very good I think

I love the bridge ....

hope you keep writting and posting now your back home :wink:

hilch :?:

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I'm as good as you are as bad as I am

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Hi SunsetNinja

Nice to see you back after a break.

I like this it's a killer title and some great imagery within.

Keep 'em coming

Good stuff

Bob :wink:

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