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SSG Y10 W16 Random Phrases, Possible Hooks or Odds & Ends

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But I'm not sure where this stands

Cause I left the station yesterday

Doubting your demands

Even though you said it's over

Forget you ever knew me

Gee did you have to take the dog

Halfway to Gitchagoomie

I think of this day often

Jelly stains on my shoes

Kathie carried a baseball bat

Loretta TVZ gives me the blues

Marriage was the last thing that

Never entered my mind

Oh and I wish you well

Pursuing what you hope to find

Quit while I'm ahead

Run while I can

Save sending this for another day

Till strength and will come around again

Under the last bridge to the sky

Voice of reason with a pen

Wish you well goodbye

Xeriscape again

You may soon be able to tell

Zelionople western penn

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Andy, you're on a roll. You could put a few of those ideas together and your lyrics are done.


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I'm not active in the SSG or anything, but I had a few dusty ones that I wrote down ages ago on my facebook. Figured I'd post 'em up, and see what people think :)

Unicron's Head
(Transformers reference)

Musings from the Wagon/Philosophical Sled
Nameless Parents
(Calvin & Hobbes reference)

Droning Lamentations of two Dark Angels
(Tribute to Sunn O)))

Gravitational Lensing
(I lurrrrrvvv Astronomy :))

Tentacles Emerge from the Frothy Abyss

Roiling Plasma, The Wounded Shoulder
(Oblique reference to the constellation Orion - specifically Betelgeuse)

Based on Fear, Not Love
(Bill Hicks line - kinda)

Sistine Chapel Graffiti
(Thought it sounded cool, lol)

Coloring the Canvas with a Landscape of Silence

Illusionary Martyr
(no comment)

They'll try it... They'll eat anything...
(Hey, Mikey!)

Tentakleeze, the Defiler
(Trying to be GWAR-ish or a blatant imitation of Trogdor, the Burninator)

Western Star
(I'm fascinated with Nuclear Weapon testing/history)

Most of those would basically be collections of song titles, I guess, but lemme know what you think :D

Tone is subjective.

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Hi Xplorervoodoo,
I like the "Philosophical Sled" and "Nameless Parents" titles. Could take that in a few directions. You might get a few more comments either by posting a new topic here in SSG or in the general songwriting forum. :)

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