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SSG Y6/W2 - Hey you...
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SSG Y6/W2 - Hey you!

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I'm very productive lately: two songs in two days (compared to zero songs in the previous year!). I can hear this one in my head, but without my guitar I can't really express how it sounds (and even with my guitar it would take me a while to figure it out). It's a sort of a fast, guitar-heavy hard rock type thing. The first three lines of the chorus are all sung with an E note, then the fourth 'hey you" is E - D. The first three lines are followed by a descending riff that starts on a high E, but I can't work out exactly how it goes with just my ukulele.

Hey You
I see you standing by the wall
Seven feet eight inches tall
I look up to a gross surprise
Have heard of tissues, you revolting giant?

Hey you!
Hey you!
Hey you!
Hey you!

I see you walking down the street
Pants hanging down to about your knees
They say it's fashion but I don't care
No one wants to see your underwear!


I see you there all dressed in black
As serious as a heart attack
A tonne of metal stuck through your face
A big old magnet will put you in your place

Chorus, followed by a big "HEY YOU!"