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SSG Year 10 Week 41
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SSG Year 10 Week 41

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Hello to all!

Continuing with our work with specifics, let's address places. Places, as a rule, have names, which makes them fairly specific to start with. But the level of specific-ness we use for our place can help us both in developing a rapport with our audience as well as in putting together both a scene and a story for our song. A title (not to mention a song) like "New York, New York" is going to resonate in a different manner than, say, "Second Avenue."

So this week, pick a place and try to be reasonably specific with your choices. Remember that even a vague description, such as "On the Street Where You Live" can create a specific image for both writer and listener.

And bonus points if your specific place happens to mention a specific person's name, as with "Tom's Diner" (or "Bob's Dogs and Grill") or "Candy's Room."

As always, I look forward to reading and to hearing what you come up with.


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Whoa... we get points now? I'm gonna have to work harder at this. So, if I write a song about 3rd stool from the right at the Double T on Rt. 40 in Joppatown, MD. I could potentially win? :wink:

-- Scratch 8)

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