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SSG Year 11 Week 48

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Hello to all

This week you get a choice of song titles:

The Day God Went Mad

Done There Been That

Charley and Lily


Harry's Bar and Grill

Mean Ol' World

Paper Hearts

Hopefully there's something there that will appeal to everyone involved. If not, shout out and I'll whip up some more.

As always, I look forward to hearing and to listening to what you come up with.


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I found this to be way too many choices. Normally, with one topic, it takes me three days to figure out a story. From the story, I try to generate phrases and melody. To narrow it down I used a random number generator to choose which of the 7 suggestions to use.
It delivered "Done there Been That" to my plate. Maybe I can accelerate the story process. At this point, it appears to be about a drunk. I take drunks seriously so I'm really on the fence over whether this should be a farce or a character sketch.