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SSG Year 13 Week 25
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SSG Year 13 Week 25

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Hello to all

This week you get carte blanche in terms of what to write about - any topic, any narrator (or total lack of), any style or genre.

What you do have in terms of guidelines is as follows:

1) Song may only use three chords - whatever chords you choose but only three

2) Song must be written in "verse / chorus" style and each chorus must be the same as the other two. No bridges.

3) You are allowed a maximum of three verses in terms of lyrical content. You don't have to follow each verse with a chorus. For example, you can write two verses, chorus, an instrumental verse, chorus, and then a final verse and chorus.

4) Neither verses nor choruses can exceed four lines in length.

As always, I look forward to reading and to listening to what you come up with.