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SSG Year 14 Week 7

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Hello to all

This week, you get a similar assignment to last week's. You can write a song about anything you'd like, but you are still limited to four chords: A, F#m, E, and D

But this week, your task is to use embellished versions of these four chords.

For example, instead of just a typical A, you could use any of the following:

Asus4: X02230
Asus2: X02200
Amaj7: X02120
A13: X02022

Moving up the neck, you could try:

Aadd9: X07600
Amaj9: X06600

If you're looking for a bit of inspiration, think of the way these four chords sound during Prince's "Purple Rain," which uses the following voicings:

Aadd9: X07600
F#m11: 202200
E: 022100
Dadd9: XX0770

If you wrote some music last week (or even a whole song) try out some of these new chord voicing ideas and listen to how they change your original chords. They may put you in a whole different mode of thinking when it comes to writing lyrics.

As always, I look forward to reading and to listening to what you come up with.