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SSG Year 5 Week 10 - sarah

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Hello to everyone -

I contributed to this group for a bit about four(!) years ago, but dropped out for time concerns. I found it to be difficult and frustring at times, but a most fruitful endeavor. In 2007, I hope to honor my creativity more and hence I'm excited to be back here where I know it will be fostered.

When I thought about this assignment, the first thing that came to mind was the new beginning after a relationship. My idea book had a great phrase, "next to nothing to hide", that I had always thought would make a great title, so I started thinking about beginning again after an affair.

That said, here's my week 10 assignment:

Next to Nothing to Hide

I didn't see that last one coming
And it hit me broadside
Swamping the boat of my judgment
Throwing my best sense over the side

I watched was my brazen heart
Slipped the tethers of my mind
And floated into your temptation
I feel myself compromised

I know perfection's not an answer
To any question I pose
And I'm getting off this roller coaster ride
With next to nothing to hide

So we lounged on the mattress of summer
Consumed in sensuality
And under our illicit passion
It moans so rhythmically

Concealing the small signs
I keep your name inside
Cramming connection in between the lines
With all the rest we have to hide


And preoccupied
By my indignity
In this unexpected reality


Then my better sense righted itself
Though nothing changed from the outside
I start a timid conversation
As my inner selves collide

Slow sadness seeps into my eyes
In between the times I cry
I start to pull away from you
Knowing what I have to decide


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Hi Sarah,
Welcome back to the forum. I like the nautical metaphor you've got going in there, and in fact I would suggest that to you stay with just that. This line:
And I'm getting off this roller coaster ride
Although you could argue was nautical what happened to me was an image of a roller coaster at a fair ground. Also this line:
So we lounged on the mattress of summer
So we lounged on the deck of summer
All in all I like you have here, maybe a couple of meter issues, but nice job.


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