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SSG Year 6 Week 4 - It's Raining - MP3

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It's raining and the street is slicker than a white man's tongue
telling you all the wonderful things he's done
and the bartenders cranked and ready to pour
when a stranger of a man walks in through the door
dripping like a cat that's been too long drowned
walking up to the bar in this two bit town

nobody turns and looks his way
they figure he's just another bum having another bum day
standing close I heard him ask the bartender, “please”
could you pour me a jim beam and leave the bottle with me
and the next time I looked half the bottle was gone
and then he settled into his stool and I heard him sing this song

it's raining it's pouring your old man's ignoring
everything he cares about everything he loves
and he could sure use some help from the heaven above

and he lowered his head and started to cry
no one in the room bothered to ask him why
to a man they had all been there before
and no one was surprised when he walked out through the door
leaving a ben franklin for his tab
grateful for the company that he'd had

the room was drunk quiet then everyone left
I tried to say a word or two but everyone was deaf
they all went home to their family long gone
they all went home to sing their very own song
words they'd been singing for too many years
after too many drinks and not facing their fears

it's raining it's pouring
and I wish I didn't have to wake up in the morning

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Excellent chorus! And I loved the way you pulled off the last two lines of the first verse.

I think a couple of a lines can be fixed: "in his door" for "in through the door" for example (sounded rough in the recording). A reworking through the lyrically tough passages would help this song.

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I think the lyrics are really good, and with a bit of paring back for an easier meter in the second verse, this should be a 'keeper'.

I'd like to hear it a bit faster but when I tried to speed it up in my head I had trouble getting my tongue around the second verse and ended up with the tune sounding a bit like Cat's In The Cradle.


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Hi Neil

Long time buddy , I see you have been very busy recording ...

I like this mate it has a great feeling of { me being the listener } being there well done

" It's raining and the street is slicker than a white man's tongue "

Might be better in this Politically correct world to have

It's raining and the street is slicker than any salesman's tongue

Great job mate

Trev.. :wink:

Here is to you as good as you are
And here is to me as bad as I am
As good as you are and as bad as I am
I'm as good as you are as bad as I am