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SSG Year 6 Wk 4 - N...
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SSG Year 6 Wk 4 - No News Is Bad News MP3

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Screwed up this week. I bashed this out this morning using ideas I've had for some time about shady journalism and forgot it was supposed to be set in a bar.

It's not finished but like the subject, I needed to get something in for the deadline and I've been sitting on this idea for months so I'm glad I had a catalyst even if it was the wrong one :wink:

No News Is Bad News - Ray Stroud

He sat the boy down "How's it been son?”
end of week one since he'd started the job
and he lobbed him a doughnut
for thirty years now all the hacks he'd seen
starting so green with justice as creed
‘til the need for news took ‘em over

"Paint a picture, tell a story
weave a winner with a thousand words
nouns and verbs, a pallette of passion.
Make a headline, a bold enticer
an appetitiser, a lure and a bribe
don't be scribe, be the narrator"

Broad minds with narrow views
short stories for the A.D.D.s *
no news is bad news
for broadsheet, tabloid and TV

"You take a short cut with a long lens
you find the boyfriend no one has seen
in a scene the punters'll pay for.
Keep your eyes wide for the slim chance
that gap in the fence, don't miss a trick
gotta stick to the source of the action "


(Middle section)
Leica loves lycra, the healthy wealthy
preen for your lens with their acolytes
nightjars and film stars, avatars and gay bars
Vanity Fair on satellite

"Get it back quick to the newsroom
fast as rumour by satellite feed
meet the need to beat competition
short on facts, long on conjecture
get the picture? join up the dots
and we got a scoop on a grand scale"

Broad minds with narrow views
Short stories for the A.D.D.s
No news is bad news
for broadsheet, tabloid and TV
bedsheets, tablets and D.T.s
twenty four seven live feed
and we all feed the machine

* A.D.D. = Attention Deficit Disorder