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SSG3 week 5 Ja'mir now with ***MP3 ***

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First time through, I just read the lyrics, which were haunting and sad. Then I heard the song, which made it even more beautiful. And sad, of course. Your voice and playing style definitely suits the song. I was tempted to cry. :(

Great song, though 8)

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Hi Ja'mir,

Just wanted to say that the music you put to this is wonderful. The rhythm fits the setting of the song beautifully, and the melody is quiet and haunting. I can see how this topic would evoke rage, anger, or indignation. But your approach is considerably more powerful, and consequently, (I think) more effective. Ironic, that such an abominable act could provide the genesis for such a beautiful work. And I actually do think that your piece is as beautiful as the event is despicable.

Really well done.

-- Scratch 8)

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Quality - nothing more to add.

A :-)

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This is just to thank everyone for the great comments about the song, very much appreciatd, will let you know when the final is done to my satisfaction and up loaded on to sound clicks

and to wish one and all a great, happy and musical festive season. We leave again for the Middle East on Christmas night so will be out of touch for a while, but will pop in from time to time as I can until my computer and stuff is set up that end.
Go well

Ja'mir :wink:

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