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SSG6 Week 5 - Good ...
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SSG6 Week 5 - Good Morning Hunt

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Well, I am finally released from the pressures of writing papers to continue with the SSG. Here is my week 5 offering, reminiscing about the days of November I spent hunting; something I was unable to do this year. Let's hope this changes is the future. I think I may write more verses for this latter on, but I am content with it currently.


I wrote and rewrote more verses. I think this will have a waltz (3/4) or double waltz time (6/8) for the verses, and switch to 4/4 for the chorus and bridge.

Good Morning Hunt

Ain't seen a day as great
Since November's of late
Falls where winter had been
Winter's beating fall again
The snow's good for tracking
November, time for hunting

Grease spattered eggs and steak
Coffee, for old times sake
Greetings from the cold dark
and the farm dog's bark
A rusty pick-up truck
Dreams of venison and bucks

Good Morning Hunt
I've been waiting for this
November day
Me, the deer, and my wits

Early morning snowfall
White flakes that cover all
Staking claim at trail's edge
On experience I hedge
Cherry and aspen around
Hearing only wild sounds

Watching for horn and ear
Feel the cold biting near
Sunrise in the valley
Crisp winter air surrounding
The calls of wild turkey
the flight of chickadees


Was a morning well spent
I didn't catch the scent
Or feel the killing rush
Scarred from thorn and bush
Tomorrow again I try
Hunt again without sigh

Not getting a thing is okay
I get to hunt another day


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Hi - nice song
I think you should add a couple of verses though - I was enjoying the atmosphere then it suddenly ended

I wonder whether hunting is man and nature colliding. Hunting is quite natural. All predators do it and man had to hunt to eat before he learned to grow stuff (though I guess that would be bow and arrow not high-powered hunting rifle) :?

My tuppence worth

“Poetry and Hums aren't things which you get, they're things which get you. And all you can do is go where they can find you.” - Winnie the Pooh

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I updated this, focusing more on tactile senses of the environment and hunting.