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SSGY7 Week 46 Title...
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SSGY7 Week 46 Titles

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Thanks to all for the feedback on my first attempt with the group. Even I have to admit it was a bit cliche at times! 8) I'm looking forward to more of this and here's my contribution for this week.

If I Had a Dime
Tired Old Man
Downtown Birmingham
Anything You Want
Face like a Roadmap
Take a look at Me
Sunny Side Down
I'll Take Two
What Your Daddy Said
Hold Steady
Case Number
Dead Fat or Rich

Thanks again,

Calm Dead of Night
Gone as Good
Green and Blue
Late September
Jessica Falls

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All of these look useful. My fave is Downtown Birmingham.

"All battles are first won or lost in the mind." - Joan of Arc

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If I Had a Dime
Anything You Want
Jessica Falls
I like these....Jessica Falls is my favorite :D