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One of my favourite songs was on the radio as I was driving home the other day - Wichita Lineman. It started me thinking people would be a good subject for the next few assignments for the SSG.

Week 13

This week I want you to pick a lonely (or solo) profession and write about the life of that person, how the job makes them feel, how they pass the day (waving at passers by/counting ducks on the water that sort of thing)? Make us feel we know exactly how they're feeling.

Remember I'm not looking for a job description here.

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I've been creeping around this forum for months, reading everyone els'e stuff, but have never actually posted anything. I've made a resolution to do more writing this year, so I thought I'd take a stab at it!

The Night Watchman

I used to work back in the factory
The 40 years I worked there flew by for me
The years all wrapped up in my memory
Seem like a day
Married my sweetheart graduation day
And had a kid or two along the way
Now they're all grown up and moved away
The clock ticks on

So now I work all night and sleep all day
Can't sleep alone at night anyway
I just toss and turn the night away
Since she's been gone
So I just sit here in my swivel chair
Playing endless games of solitaire
Can't stay home alone with no one there
Since she's been gone

We always talked abaout the trips we'd take
The house we meant to buy up at the lake
I guess that waiting was out big mistake
Time runs away
I gave the kida all of the cashe we'd saved
On the day we laid her in her grave
Now it's the TV and the microwave
On a watchman's pay

I bring a thermos full of good strong joe,
And I watch the night shift come and go
They call out "hey how's it going bro?"
As I make my rounds
And when they tell bout their dreams in life
I always tell them "kiss your wife,
Cause when they're gone the pain cuts like aknife
Right through your heart

I know it's a bit dark, but the subject seems to lend itself to lonliness and loss.

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