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The Mirror - SSG 46 - with MP3

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Hi all,

Another week . . . . another song. Appreciate all comments. Thanks!


It goes round and round and round and round
I didn't invent it, it was something I found
It was up in the attic of an old friends house
I saw something move and thought it was a mousse
I moved some old things out of the way
and when I saw it I didn't know what to say
it stared at me for a moment or two
and I still couldn't figure out what to do

then something happened that I'll never forget
it rose in the air something I didn't expect
and it started turning around and around
and I still didn't know what I had found
but in a moment or two it became crystal clear
that my life would change and I'd nothing to fear
the reflection it showed was clearly my face
and it put everything I ever wanted in its place

It looked a little like a mirror but like none I'd ever seen
it reflected everything even my dreams
every direction I turned, I couldn't get away
it made me face reality, it made me stay . . . .
And as my life passed right before my eyes
stripped me of everything that was a disguise
it showed me the man I was supposed to be
in a word what it did was set me free

and it went round and round, round and round

and I left it in the attic for someone else to find
I knew I couldn't keep it, it just wasn't mine
it showed me which door it was I should take
which one was real and which one was fake
and I ask my old friend what it was I had found
He said he didn't know what I was talking about
and he turned around and around and around
around and around and around . . . . .

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When I read this a funny old song entered my head , I think Rolf Harris sang it in the 70's something along the lines of :

"It went zip when it moved and plomp when it stopped
I never knew just what it was and I'll guess I never will

Then I listened to your MP3 boy was I wrong ,,,

I really enjoyed this thanks for sharing

Hilch :?:

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Very Good,

I like the part at the end where you speak the one line
He said he didn't know what I was talking about

It adds a nice contrast.

You are really developing a unique style that I find truley enjoyable.


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I agree with Celt this is really, really good.

It was really a pleasure to listen to.

Great stuff

Bob :wink:

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hey Neil, this has a really nice flow to the words, well written, the mirror reminds me of that mirror in a harry potter book, though your mirror is much more advanced, really liked how you described it in the third verse, some great word play, and a nice twist at the end, was it real or imagined, enjoyed the mp3 as well, well done.



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Thanks all. I really appreciate your comments.