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Week 15 - Raz0r

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Well I have been busy with school but I finally get to do another assigment.  Here goes for week 15:

When writing a song, I do a sort of web to clear my ideas up.  It's very easy to get confused with so many things running through your mind.  Here is an example on how I would go about it:

                               /        |      
                         subj. 1      subj.2       subj. 3

And so forth and so on.

So I did this for a song I'm currently writing right now.  A book that I have read called "Life of Pi" is my idea for the song.  I've gone through many subjects and came across a chapter that sounds good to me.  So after that I thought of a layout for the song and came to the usual method of verse 1 -> chorus -> verse 2->chorus->verse 3.  

Verse 1: This part would be about the Indian man who can cook any dish.  A very versatile man who does not discriminate and can deal with any situation


verse 2: This deals with the man and the different spices he deals with in life.


verse 3: This part deals with how the man solves the problems with the different spices

It is all metaphorically speaking and will make more sense when I write the song.  Hopefully this is a good skeleton that needs fleshing out.  Once I get out of work I will try to post my song up in pieces.  Later.

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Sounds interesting.

I like the idea of using spices in a metaphorical fashion.

Good Stuff.

Bob  :)

PS The mind map (web) concept is quite a good one bit like a brainstorming session on your own - Oh No!! management speak time for me to go home.

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Having just read the book recently I'm interested in your song. I'm waiting to see how it develops.

Very good book, and reading your post about a song with a book as its premise (or a character/theme in the book, anyway)  opens up a new dimension in songwriting for me.

I just never thought about a song springing from a book, so consequently now I'll pay more attention to things that inspire me. Maybe a song will come out of it.

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Hi Raz0r,

This is an intriguing idea, your timeline is laid out well.  I'm anxious to read this one.
I read several reviews on this book, and it's on my list of books to read, just haven't gotten that far yet.  Maybe your song will bump it up the list for me.

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The book isn't that bad.  Usually not the stuff I read but it was a gift so I read it.  Good thing I did.

For now Im going to introduce a chorus and verse 1.  

Verse 1:
There's a man out there
Who exeeds all bounds
Welcomes ev'rything
All lost he has found
He cooks for the weak
Any dish on the globe
Uses any spice
That insists John Doe
Never discriminates
Will cook any dish
Just ask politely
He will grant your wish

Needs some work but it's just for a general picture of the guy.

There goes the man of many spices
Taking all in
Goes until he suffices
Your desire within

That's a bland chorus.  If you have read the book, have the book, or plan on getting it, it is on Chapter 6.  The short story about the man who can cook any dish.  I thought it was a pretty good metaphor.  Anyway, back to work I go.  Hope you enjoy.