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Week 28 - Station f...
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Week 28 - Station for the Nation

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Ok, I have no idea what (if any) music this would go to, but its something I thought would suit this weeks topic.

I basically took a whole ton of radio station names and tried to arrange them into a song / rhyme type thing.

Not sure how well it worked, and now that I read it back it does seem rather (unintentionally) comical.

Nevertheless, heres my effort!;

‘Cos life is loud we have Kerrang,
For metal heads there's Rock FM
Chiltern's tunes are family fun
With rap'n'rock from GoneWitChaGun

From easy listenin' at Mediation
To Country at Louisiana Nation
Mosh-pit thumping from the boys at ACiD
And Elektronik for the new-age classic

Chill with the reggae at Jah Live Nation
Or check Amefufuka for inspiration
Jazzers can click at CoolForeva
‘n the forecast from News'N'Weather

Whatever your preference
Whatever your station
Wherever you are
Tune into your nation

Comments appreciated, but not expected this week! :)

Vic Lewis VL
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I was left wondering what kind of music you'd put to this.....the only thing I could think of, do the backing music for each line in the musical style of the that could keep you busy for a few hours/days/weeks......!!!

:D :D :D


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Hey mate,

I think this is quite well done. About the only thing I would suggest would be to have a chorus after each verse ... although maybe this was your intention anyway. :)

Well done. 8)

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Who ever said every song had to be dead serious?

This is a fun lighthearted piece with good rhyme.
The only comment I would have is it sounds a
little like a commercial for the radio industry.

But it's still entertaining


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Cheers for all the comments guys.

I thought that it sounded like a radio commercial too once I'd written it, Celt! :)

I like the idea of doing the music line by line to suit the station, dunno how 'd do it though!


lotto king
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That's a very clever take on the assingment

Might I suggest a piano according playing music for your song ( jokes)

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