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Week 9 - Bluenotefl...
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Week 9 - Bluenotefla

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This was interesting.

No Credit Here

I Wish You Where You

Love Sounds Like Rain

Whisky Smells Like Loss

One Plus One Equal Sorrow

Life is not what you did. It's what you are doing.

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I really like all these titles.
Sounds like you put some thought into them.

I really like the juxtaposistion of love/sounding and loss/smelling. Very cool.

All very good!

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Yeah, very well done, all of them! "Whisky Smells Like Loss" seems to be the most interesting one on first glance

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I also like the Whiskey Smells Like Loss.  It creates an immediate image.  I SEE the author/singer hunched over a whiskey glass, alone and feeling sorry for himself.  Great springboard.