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Week? Allergic to C...
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Week? Allergic to Cats

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My song writing has been dormant for a year and a half at least while I dealt with multiple hospital visits, heart attacks, and something similar to lyme disease.
A few weeks ago I went to a song writing retreat to ty to kick start my brain.

Over the last week I decided to write an autobiographical song. Allergic to Cats. I'll try to come up with a recording sometime this week.

Allergic to Cats

Let’s get this straight, I’m allergic to cats
It’s biological, that’s just a fact
When I get near em, my whole body reacts
So now you know, I’m allergic to cats

I fell in love with a beautiful lady
I asked her to marry me
On our wedding day, she adopted a stray
Have I mentioned, I’m allergic to cats

Now Katie was a beautiful kitten
And everyone else was smitten
I said please, and started to sneeze
Remember, I’m allergic to cats


Our house flooded when it rained real hard
10 feet of water in our yard
A boat came to evacuate, someone said “You hold Kate”
Do I have to? I’m allergic to cats

There we were floating on the water
My wife, me and our feline daughter
My face started to swell and I didn’t feel well
Oh oh, I’m allergic to cats

My eyes were itching, lungs started twitching
My nose wanted to leave my face
Arms were shaking, and my chest started aching
How did I get in this place?