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"Won't Be Long"

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Hi All-

I posted this song once before, under a different title.  I have reworked it and here is the finished version.

I welcome all comments!  It would be very beneficial to me if you could tell me what you LIKED or DISLIKED about the song, as opposed to telling me what changes you would make.

And thanks for taking the time to read it.

“Won't Be Long”

midlife crisis, adult vices
who really wants it that way
roll the dice, no matter what the price
there's nothing that can make me stay
turn it up loud, hear the roar of the crowd
I'm willing to let them all see      
finally allowed, to live on my cloud
find that place where I need to be

and it won't be long, till you hear it in a rock song
the one you'll hear, ringing in your ear
I can't go back, it isn't in the contract
I had to sell my soul for a rock show

Mr BTO, on my radio
You helped me get it right
Had to set free, my true identity
Now I live at night
Tom Petty you'll see, roll a joint for me
You're bound to hear my sound
See you on the go, at a backstage show
You'll know when I'm around




one last look, that's all it took
I'll drive straight thru from here
one last look, that's all I took
I'm driving straight thru from here.

© 2003 d kevin clark

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genre=new age punk.
All that new rock stuff angers me, but this one isnt too bad. This is just my very biased opinion, but I can just hear the three repeated power chords over and over when I read the song. Dont get me wrong, though, the lyrics are pretty good, but it gives me that punky vibe that bugs me. No offence meant, so please dont take any.

Idea!!! Play around with different rhyming schemes, and it will sound more varied.