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Y10week18+19 ryhmes...
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Y10week18+19 ryhmes and such (vanishing class)

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hey! glad this has been extended a week, busy bee :-P

here goes a random search. still undecided, if time allows i'll probably try to do both the magician and the teacher version.

Class – alas brass crevasse harass lass spyglass trespass hourglass (blue)grass morass teargas clasp vast / period instruction grade gcse magic bunk

Vanish – vanquish Spanish anguish bluefish childish wish / evaporate fade melt dissolve dematerialize blur

Magician – action aspen bitten button canon chairman cushion dungeon Dublin goblin ocean popgun penguin potion smitten surgeon tension turban motion fiction diction meringue / charmer conjurer enchant charm spell curse spellbound entranced fairytale

Teacher – teacup teapot feature preacher azure bloomer

Taught – distraught naught wrought ought talked taut tall / educate instruct

Pupil – crumple purple / student

Memory – algae scurry / contemplate ponder muse reflect retrospect reminisce remember token

Trick – arctic airsick attic celtic drumstick fabric traffic thick pick / device gambit shenanigan sleight bluff cheat smoke screen smoke and mirrors fraud trickery hoax sham

Air – bear beware dare éclair rare nowhere lair pair where glare fair wheelchair / breath draft breeze gale blow

Jingle – basil jangle / warble ditty ad

Paycheck – neck deck paleface / profit earnings wage

Soft skill – bill drill instill ill windmill uphill standstill treadmill / art knack talent

Failure - figure junior lawyer voyeur / collapse defeat futile setback mishap ruin

Age – rage rampage offstage engage / era spell generation year antiquity


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