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Y12, W12 - This wee...
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Y12, W12 - This week's topic/assignment.

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As I was typing out last week's topic, I was watching the BBC News....and heard that Ariel Sharon had died. By my reckoning, that's three hugely influential 20th century political leaders who have passed away in the last year, Sharon, Thatcher - love her or hate her, I know EXACTLY where I stand on that issue - and Nelson Mandela. So you can have a choice of topic this week.... either write an obituary about Sharon, Thatcher or Mandela, or write about any politician who, in your opinion, actually changed the world and made a difference. Or possibly an up-and-coming political figure who might make a difference in the future?

Might be a tough one, this....but hey, do your best. As always, good luck with your writing!

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