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Y12 W24 - This Week...
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Y12 W24 - This Week's Topic.

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Greetings, and welcome to week 24!

This week's topic is inpsired by the number I write, I've just finished watching the end of series 6 of the TV serial, "24." Which was, of course, episode 24....I couldn't let a coincidence like that go begging, so this week I'd like you to feature the number 24 in your song - either in the title, or the lyrics.

I also have a secondary task for you this week.....what I'd like you to do is collect headlines for the duration of the week. By that, I mean any headline, whether from a newspaper, news pages on the internet, soundbites from a news broadcast....etc, etc. Write them down, keep them in a safe place and I'll tell you what to do with them next week....

As always, good luck with your writing!

:D :D :D


"Sometimes the beauty of music can help us all find strength to deal with all the curves life can throw us." (D. Hodge.)