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Y14 w17 Only One Ey...
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Y14 w17 Only One Eye?

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I made a YouTube video of making the song. Please check it out.

The words are as follows
Can be seen on my new website

Only one eye on the table
Where is my other damn eye
I ordered two blue eyes
Steamed with hints of garlic

Lousy service indeed
They deserve to see me
A real chef of humans
I cook better than they

Who doesn't serve two eyes
Soon to be slow roasted
Stuffed full of surgery apple slices
That's who only serves me one eye

O you will be sorry indeed
When your live is sautéed
As I drink your fresh blood
And nibble on your sweet spleen

But Sir it's a Cyclopes eye
Imported fresh from ain't isn't Greece
Very expensive and highly illegal
​After all Cyclopes are nearly extinct

But the menu said pair o eyes
This is just for you sir
I still want a free spleen
Of course sir I'll get Gavin's

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Points for creativity.


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Like Renee said "Points for creativity"

Dark subject. Not often you hear a song about cannibalism.

The only criticism is it could a bridge or something to break it up some
but otherwise Good Job.


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Thanks. I was thinking it may need to be broken up. A bridge is probably in order as I think I will do more with this song.
I'm working on making song around an asylum. And this was inspired by a patient my mother had who ate(regular food) uncontrollably and Hannover lector in a fanfic. If you go to you can read a bit about Phil the main voice in the song.