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Y14W9 - Saving Wren

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Here is a first draft of my song

A link to a PDF with the Score

Link to a wav file with music no words, Rhythm guitar and lead guitar, made in software. (I have only been playing guitar for 3 weeks.) Will try to update with singing later, but I wanted to get this out or I may never do it.

Below are the words
Who is this Wren?
Whom is so sought for?
Why must we seek?

The clear moons
the dazzling suns
Reveal to us
The box of death
Inside is he
Stephen bane of this Wren

Who is this Wren?
Whom is so sought for?
Why must we seek?

There is a glance
A snippet of Wren
Glorious she
Beauty unbound
O my be mine
Wren beautiful my wren

Where is my Wren?
Whom is so sought for?
Why must I seek?

We must find Wren
Save her from him
The death of time
Destroying past
Gone is the now
I will save her my Wren

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Welcome to the forum.

I couldn't get the sound file to play, so I ran through the sheet music. It sounds a little like you are experimenting with chords and intervals. There is nothing wrong with that, but it makes the song hard to sing. It also has some notes that are relatively high, even for a first soprano.

As far as the lyrics, I don't think I even get the general idea. I am not really sure who Stephen and Wren and the singer are or where it takes place. A place with multiple suns and moons? Or is that meant to be days and nights?

This is only my personal opinion. Others may love the song. And we can feel rushed trying to get a song out in one week. Please continue your writing.


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Hi LingDar

And let me echo Renee's welcome. Thanks for posting your song draft.

I did get the music to play and it reminds me a lot of early 1970s progressive rock. Lot of interesting chords and definitely a challenging melody to play (and sing). Looking forward to hearing it as a finished (or more finished) piece.

Looking forward to more.


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Thanks for the feedback. I haven't really intended to work that much more on this as it is practice but I may pick it up later.
Also I sing in the baritone range so you can take the melody down by octaves when singing. And still have lead guitar play at higher octaves. I'm just started guitar from low brass and am experimenting to figure out what I like.
Thank you. Have a great day.