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Y3week50 the awkwar...
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Y3week50 the awkward time

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hey... late submission, I know. got a good excuse though.. on monday I had another wisdom tooth(#2 of 4) removed and it hurt so bad i couldn't do anything productive- it hurts even now. well, finally checked the topic on wednesday and here's my attempt(I failed on the rhyme scheme thing... almost completely... sorry... didn't work to well with what I wanted to write... and the little part before the ending could be different, but I dunno...)

The awkward time

Watering flowers with a tin can
I might cause a flood with my distraction,
Drown your roots because I can
Or maybe beg your pardon

The awkward time, weeks fading into their ends,
The tiniest sounds, the softest transitions
Disturb me beyond the usual- every impatient word an offence
Lonely, I'm biased, restless and less human

Leaving them outside in the first freeze
Watching the branches lowering their leaves
Surrender may mean power to those still whole
I just felt cheap, so bracing myself against the cold
I step out on the balcony
To take the flowers
Back into the warmth with me
Where you are
Supposed to be

I know I said “I'm fuc.ked if I stay here”
Yeah, it was me who disappeared
Yet by now I have noticed
Risk will take me if I don't take it

So, please, listen as I speak
I just don't know where my head hangs these days
I'm fuc.ked if I stay here
But screwed without you.

...well, at least the first verse kinda follows the demanded rhyme pattern... er.... :oops: ....sorry for not posting something more suitable

"oh, eventually it will break your heart" - anders wendin

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Hm...I think I actually like it. Sort of Alanis Morissette-ish.