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Y6week48 straycat mumbling

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Hi :wink:
Here are some suggestions..

* Like train stations on Sunday mornings, I am holding my breath
* Down-headed and light-sided
* Laura sang about you, the other day, on the radio
* This self-conscious September morning
* It's a defeatist's gesture
* Thistledown rain on our bare feet

Well, some of these are a little foolish... I'm feeling a little light-headed today :D But some of the others might be a beginning :wink: (btw, I made it six, if rather sillily so, to make up for the two "morning"s :lol: )


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Hey straycat,

These are all great, and are very you.

I'm really stricken by "It's a defeatist's gesture". So many possibilities, yet it immediately grounds the song in the here and now and it gives away so much information (someone is giving up too quickly, at least in the singer's opinion) right off the bat. Wonderful.

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I'm intrigued by number 1. I'd like to see what somebody could make of that

A :-)

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I find #3 an #4 both very interesting.
They seem like a stories waiting to unfold.


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#1 and #4 are my favorites in this line up.
Hey Anne you might be interested to know that I'm am backing a friend of mine on the bass playing the "Stray Cat Strut" at a pub next week :D .


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