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Y9W2 Dragonfly

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Topic: Changes and How We React to Them


I picture you sitting by the garden pond -
Just half a wooden barrel in the yard,
One pink water lily and a glint of sky -
With three old cats sprawling in the shade nearby.

I feel a melancholy coming on.
Sometimes, being far away is so hard.
Your face is turned aside, I wonder why,
And on the lily sits a dragonfly.

Before the dawn, that fateful day,
I got in the car and drove away.

I still feel your arms around me,
I see the teardrops swell and flow.
I hear you saying softly to me,
"I don't want to let you go."

I never will return, though.
The distance is too great;
The time has been too long.
I can only bring you to me
In the verses of a song.

Now I sit alone beside a quiet pool.
A goldfish breaks the surface with its nose.
I see you in the circle of reflected sky.
I see you in a passing dragonfly.

I never will return though,
No matter that you still might wait,
No matter that the pull is strong.
I can only bring you to me
In the verses of a song.

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Hi Wilhelmina,

Nice concrete images and capturing a moment of longing :D Is there a similar song music-wise to what you picture this sounding like?

Suggestion- Consider revising this line:

Your face is turned aside, I wonder why,

Everything else in the song conveys the idea that the singer is sitting alone -except for the nature around her; but this line "tricked" me and b/c it came early in the song it tricked me even more. It sounds like the "other person or singee" is right there beside the singer but maybe they are growing apart in the relationship-- Trying to figure out if the singer was alone or with someone in the garden kept drawing me away from the main point of the song.

Thanks for sharing :D