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Yr 10 Wk 16

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Ah its good to be back. Just rejoining after about 9 years! Time flies eh?
So - good intentions & all that.....


On My Return

Look at the mess you made

A Map of The Story

Lunar Eclipse

hooky phrases: (not intended to be related to eachother, nor particularly to the titles)

A restoration project for a brand new start
gaffer tape and glue and a beat-up heart

wing it, you can fly, you can swing it if you try

I could swear my hands were dead and my wits had run away
Just a bystander, on a cold evening, on a rainy street,
its a hard memory, a hard memory
Just a bystander, on a cold evening, on a rainy street,

Its a good time to look around
I can see my way clear to living now

Slow slow rivers in the blood

Art is for the heart to paint a picture onto words



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Welcome Back

I like your suggestions.

My Favorites:

Look at the mess you made. This one could be about a relationship
or more literally to a child or pet.

That verse/chorus Just a by stander on a rainy street is interesting.
If nothing else it's just a good piece of poetry.

Slow slow rivers in the blood What's in those rivers? Whiskey? Heartache? Memories?
The possibilities are endless.


PS: Before James beats me to it Welcome Back could be another title.

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