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Yr 10 Wk 17 3rd story 'Airstream Baby' (Celts title)

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A man down on his luck in cards and life in general, early in the morning
Lost his wheels in a game, sorry for himself of course
Walks towards his small apartment, home in his snakeskin jacket and broken boots
Cuts thru a camping area where there are trailers and cars and RV's everywhere

Sits to take a rest and a smoke in the new sunshine, opposite this old Airstream pulled by an equally old Ford
There's a young couple in the trailer, making food and laughing
They have a baby, maybe a yearling, sitting on the steps, playing with toys
And the man watches him and starts thinking about how the baby has everything just fine

He remembers their family had a very similar, silver cigar of an Airstream trailer
And how they used to go on trips all over the place and back
He had a family who cared, and tried to set him on course for life
Gave him everything he ever needed, but he discarded them and went on his own ways

Somewhere he took a wrong turn, got into bad company
Too much cards and drink, too loose pockets, never saw his family again
And now he watches, and thinks how he also used to be an Airstream Baby
Just as innocent as this baby here

And he thinks about making a change, turning his life around
And he watches the baby smile at him trustingly
He thinks he's gonna up and escape to a new town where nobody knows him
Or maybe even find his old parents again...and get a decent job in any case, just start over

And then this security guard, stone-faced grunt
Comes and kicks him up and roughs him off the area
Tells him he's not wanted here, and he'll call the police, calls him names
Leaves the man standing in the yellow dust by the gates

Longing to be that Airstream Baby once again


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Thanks for picking this one.

That's quite the story. Nothing like what I was thinking of
but I like it.


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ooooh! Really like this one.