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Yr 10 Wk 17 - hagrider

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Ideas to take forward:

A Map of The Story

Just a bystander, on a cold evening, on a rainy street,
its a hard memory, a hard memory
Just a bystander, on a cold evening, on a rainy street,

Art is for the heart to paint a picture onto words

Who is there?
An artist in a stained white smock with a palette of smudged and swirling oils (yellows, blues & purples?) and a sharp palette knife (scratching & scraping)
The artist's subject - in half-shadows - half-hidden, indistinct and incomplete.

what happened immediately before?

The room was in silence but the artist has built a history from the subject's shapes lines and colours. Bruises?
The subject is still, unmoving and says nothing. The absence of communication provides a void for the Artist's projections to fill.
The artist is mapping out a history for the subject as he paints. Filling in a back story back drop.
Dreaming behind his eyes as his paint-spattered hands fill in the fine detail on the canvas

What is about to happen?-
The artist is going to project his own vision onto the image on the canvas.
The subject is going to leave in silence and remains anonymous.
The artist is going to show his painting in a gallery. Hands holding glasses of wine. Dreamy eyes gazing into the canvas.
The viewer/s is going to project his own agenda onto the painting, write his own tag, build his own story.
Then the listener to the song is free to make their own constructions - whose is the hard memory really?

Why is this happening?

The disconnect between what you are looking at and what you see.
The way the brain fills in the gaps and tries to make sense of things and fill a vaccuum.
The way you invent a past to flesh out the bones of a stranger.

In a dusty attic room with a north-facing skylight, wooden floor, swags of dark velvet fabric backdrops. Creases and curves. Floating dust. Shadows and shafts of light.

Winter afternoon as the best of the light has just gone. Starting to rain on the skylight glass (the sharp sounds, the blurring sky).

Title -
Mapping The History



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That's a lot of detail.

This is going to get interesting.


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I like it. Especially towards the end, you get into a lot of great detail

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Lots of possible poetic metaphor possibilities


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The detail puts me in that room while reading this!


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I'm a bit worried I might have too much detail now though! eek.
Danger is to have a lot of detail that doesn't coalesce into anything sensible...
This is great fun though ;-)