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Any good female ban...
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Any good female bands?

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the distillers, auf der maur, no doubt just a few. the distillers are probably best they do harder rock catch their videos at yahoo.

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Kittie is some heavy stuff and the whole band is female.
Exilia have a female lead singer if you count that.

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Drain STH (???)
Lunachicks (or former)
Crisis (menioned already)
Otep (mentioned already)
Most Precious Blood
Martyr Ad
Arch Enemy
Lacuna Coil (blah blah)
Kittie (of course)
Walls Of Jericho
Fireball Ministary
Famous Monsters/Rock City Morgue (Sean Yseult of White Zombie bands)
Ani DiFranco

Not all the bands here are just female bands, but do have amazing women in the band(s). Check'em out and look'em up. :D

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Ana Popovic, Rory Block, Susan Tedeschi, Bonnie Raitt, not all female bands but some of the hottest guitar pickers around Male or Female

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How 'bout Bif Naked!

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Here are a few of my favorite female artists and bands.

Jill Janus
Jo Bench
Rosalie Cunningham
Sharon den Adel

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