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Any Other Women Using These Forums?

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No, actually I don't. Mainly because I've got no one to go out with. My husband isn't much into going out, and most of the clubs around here are for people in their 20's (I'm 40). I'd love to hit more country music places but again, my husband doesn't like country and I've got no one to go with. I'm friends with a country singer here so on the off chance that he's in my area I go and see him -- I don't mind going on my own because at least I know him. But other than that -- I'm deprived of live music!!

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There are lots of Brits on GN who would probably LOVE to go listen to music with you, don't know if they're in your exact area, though. Let me think.... Vic is halfway between Liverpool and Manchester.... Pet is in Derby.... Dogsbody and Rodders are in Cheltenham.... PVTele is somewhere in the UK.... somebody (the name escapes me) is from Kent.... and there are more that escape my memory at the moment. (Sorry, y'all!) Perhaps someone will read this and get in touch with you.

Calling all Brits! Take an American transplant out to listen to music!!!!

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well i can't be too far from you i'm in Dorset!! if i get tickets for something that i think you might like i'll let you know!

in the meantime.... do any of you know Martha Wainwright's album? She was touring here last year and i missed her cos i had no one to go with who i knew that would like her as much as i do.... :cry: :cry:

actually, Gina, do you know Holly Golightly's stuff too... she's my avi girl... she's english but plays with the white stripes sometimes... we might be able to catch her here in the uk sometime... i'd love to see her live...

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