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Favourite female musicians!

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Well...if she's wearin' that fishnet set of leotards...then it's Brittney Spears!

Ha! Kidding of course...(No, upon further consideration, maybe not. Yeah. No, wait a minite. YEAH!)

Okay...really...Bonnie Rait.


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Ana Vidovic - classical guitarist from Croatia, now living in the US.

Not just a favourite female musician, she is one of my favourite musicians period.

Kasey Chambers is a favourite of mine, and Bessie Smith.

I quite like Posh Spice as well, I think she's an underated talent :lol: :lol: :lol:

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I'm a little surprised that nobody has mentioned Ann and Nancy Wilson yet... Ann is my favorite, hands down.

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Tough one. Here are a few of my favorites... and they they would still be favorites no matter what gender they are.

Carole Kaye and Tal Wilkenfeld (bass)

Eliane Elias, Tania Maria, and Shirley Horn (piano and vocals)

Orianthi and Emily Remler (guitar)

Leila Josefowicz (violin)

Too many vocalists to choose from (vocals are an instrument too)

I'll think of more as soon as I click the "Submit" button

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I didn't see Ana Popovic up thar....
I'd throw Susan Tedeshi in thar too.

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Let's not forget Nina Gerber, who is extremely versatile and my humble opinion, Nina should have ben chosen as one of the top 100 guitarists....only 2 women made that cut, Joni and Bonnie.
Nina is the kind of guitarist you'd like to have with you onstage or in the studio, augments anything and anyone.

Yup, I am a huge admirer of Nina!
: )

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Nancy Wilson and Joan Jett...Guitar
Darby Mills and Holly Woods...Vocals
Sheila E.,Sandy West and Karen Carpenter...Drums
Kimberley Dahme,Johnette Napolitano and Micki Steele...Bass
You could go on an on and on, bottom line is Women Rock Too..


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Topic starter Just discovered but an old band - The muffs - female led

And someone I have loved for quite a few years now - Juliana Hatfield

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My new favorite Kimbra

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Kappa Danielson
Sharon Corr #1a and 1b on My favourite list!

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Obviously I would say that Joan Jett is my female rock Idol but my more up to date picks would be...

Rosalie Cunningham

Anna Maria van Giersbergen

Lizzy Hale

Angela Gossow

Danica Levy,
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Excuse my trespass on the other side, my fav female musician, singer, songwriter is Emmylou Harris. BTW the May 2017 issue of Guitar Player magazine just did a thing on 50 sensational female guitarists. Some famous some not.

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